Life – A Mysterious Entity

Life – A dream for some, for some an exploring journey, for many a struggle, for some an aim, for a few a happy-go-lucky path.

Life, it is often said, is what you choose to make it. People go berserk umpteen times trying to make the best of life, trying to extract the as much glory, favours and prosperity as they can. Quite a few grow as hard as a shell, stay in restraint, scrupulous, strict to one’s own principles, over-conscious of societal norms. Their life slowly and steadily grows mundane and devoid of variety. They live in the limits of their own unseen boundaries, secure and unharmed so to say.

But, life is so lavish and multi-faceted a gift that we tend to be partially unjust to the enormous stature that ‘Life’ itself is. It is disrespect and dishonour of life when we set our face away from part of its features and immerse ourselves completely into one arena of concern, an arena where we assume our motives to be fulfilled, where we visualize our future to be safe.

Life is truly meant to be explored by yourselves. Human perception to life is a complicated phenomenon. It builds through ‘experience’ – that is of so comprehensive nature comprising what you undergo each day, all that you hear every day, all that you see each day and understand as well as what you don’t understand. It is your own experience that constructs your personality and your individuality, and plays a crucial role in making you realize your inner self. It is your own ‘experience’ that obstructs you from drawing early conclusions about life; it motivates you to keep moving ahead, to live life fully, to relish and savour every challenge of life with an eye towards unravelling the horizons of beauty and novelty in life.

Remember, you derive a firm foundation erected for yourself when you imbibe the sermons that life projects towards you at each step constantly portraying how better can you live through your life, breathe contentment, bliss, complacence, and yet maintain a drive to confront new arrivals in life with the vigour to fight each obstacle, soberness to endure pain in life with the faith in God, vibrancy to notice the sparks of happiness that now and then make their way in your life and recede away.

Live your life as a student under constant guidance of God; looking forward to accomplishing certain targets, small or big, at every turn of life, not being hesitant to mend your mistakes; gathering information, listening to all but being your own judge when the question comes to practising things. You ought to share your experiences and thoughts with people you can confide into. Spread your wings and let sunshine shower its rays on you and subsequently just feel the soothing shade of sunset empower you.

Life is like a bottle of colourful drink. Don’t keep it as an adorning piece on an elevated shelf admiring it, but consume it little-by-little engulfing the energy and satisfaction that it offers you. Let the bottle empty at its implicit time gracefully handing you all its charm beforehand, rather than you remaining disillusioned ultimately when the bottle on shelf just breaks away on a strange day putting a halt to its task of acting as a decorative ornament.

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