Human Resources

A perennial problem that employees in any organization face is that of “Monday blues”. No matter how concerned or sincere an employee is about work, making that wake up move to get ready for office and get into travelling to work and confronting new issues seems so daunting. Wish HR could analyze this problem in their employee engagement initiatives.

Why not try something innovative and new! How about playing soothing music or old melodious songs in office on Mondays! This will be something of a welcome to employees on Mondays or a warm-up to prepare for the week. The one thing most people dread on Mondays is getting into the work mode as well as going through the chunk of unread mails and plunging into the work schedule.

Soothing music diverts one’s mind from the Monday anxiety and can make a person cheerful on reaching office. Also, you have something different to look forward to on Monday morning that provides solace from dreadful start of the mundane week.

-By Ahlam (blogger at


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