Track Your Body


Fitbit Flex

The electronic exercise tracking revolution is here, and FitBit Flex started it all. At about $80.00, you’ll get a unit that fits comfortably on your wrist, allowing you to keep track of your daily exercise routine for the best in healthy living. Easy, simple to use and effective, that’s the FitBit Flex.

Track Your Body

The FitBit Flex lets you track, literally, all of your bodies movements. From every step you take, whether you are running or walking, to how many calories you burn. With the FitBit app, you can even compare your own activity to those of friends or family. Whether you are sleeping, resting, or exercising, the FitBit Flex will chart what your body is doing every step of the way.

Easily monitor your progress on the FitBit, your smartphone or any computer. laptop or tablet.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

You will need to get the correct sized band that fits your wrist, so sizing is very important. And, the activation and programming buttons are small, so if you have difficulty using your fingers, the FitBit Flex may be more inconvenient than useful

If you want to see or monitor your body, like heart rate and caloric count, the FitBit Flex gives you that power while being worn on your wrist. It’s the compact health monitor that started it all, and for basic health and fitness tracking, this relatively inexpensive unit will do the job.


> Get Your Fitbit Flex here!


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